RocketCad Prices

RocketCad is priced as follows for the complete Electrical package:

No. of Copies Price Each
1 - 10 $1025
11 - 20 $950
21 and up $875

RocketCad is also available at a reduced rate for those in other disciplines who wish to use its features which are not specific to electrical:

No. of Copies Price Each
1 - 10 $575
11 and up: $450

Support, training, and customization are currently $125/hr.
However due to the simple operation and intuitive nature of the package it is not anticipated that a lot of support or training will be required.


1. Employees of companies which are licensed RocketCad users are allowed to use a copy at home.
2. Students are also allowed to use RocketCad at no charge.
3. You can contact us to talk about discounts, customization, etc.