The Latest Changes

Rocket includes more than 800 lisp files and they contain over a thousand commands.
If you sort them by date you can see which ones are new or updated.
Each one has a header which explains what it does.
Lisp files are text files so you can edit them if you like.
  • AC copies attribute values from one block to another and can save them between drawings.
  • Ni opens another drawing based on the last few letters of the filename.
  • Span lets you pan Model Space from points entered in Paper Space.
  • Halon now makes time-limited title block update files so they don't screw things up if you forget to erase them. Jod can make these for you.
  • C0 and P0 copy and paste from 0,0, and are extremely useful.
  • Ld and Ldr remember lisp names between drawings.
  • Cup revs title blocks and is run from an external config file.
  • LLapo is a better seach and replace for batches, and doesn't get into cascades.
  • Qi is useful for inserting blocs without navigating to other directories.
  • Nx contains several commands for navigating through directories with lots of files.
  • Vino can now relabel a grid, not just a column.
  • Ctx sucks text out of an entity and onto the clipboard. Cfn does the file name. Ttc copies text to an entity from the clipboard.
  • We're kind of happy with Cotx.
  • Txtt makes its own text replacement programs, which are listed in the file, and are very useful. You should open Txtt.lsp in a text editor and read the information in the header.
  • Zing doesn't break lines at their endpoints any more.
  • Inc, Linc, Dec and Ldec can now deal with leading zeroes.
  • Eno is very popular for sequentially numbering text and attributes.
  • Ba handles a lot of the more common types of trivial editing.
  • Ac continues to be useful.
  • Go and Goo are handy in an insane way.
  • Bean is wonderful for renumbering terminal blocks and text.
  • The Electrical pulldown has a small section for heat trace isometrics. This includes iso dimensions.
  • The manual is up to date, finally. Later: It needs work again.
  • Not brand new, but relevant: Aasup, in the Rocket directory, is the 'Set Up Rocket' utility.
  • There is now a proper "Set up a drawing" command, in the Settings pulldown menu.
  • All of the block text is now at 1.0 width scale factor. It's taken a long time to get here, but we finally admitted that compressed widths are less legible.
  • Under the Blocks Pulldown: "Misc. Other Blocks" pulls up an icon menu with handy but infrequently used blocks - serial ports, radio towers, the infamous satellite, etc.
  • Cala, part of the setup utility, makes all the layers. Completely unneccessary, but neurotic people like it.
  • The second I/O icon menu now has loop-style 2, 3, and 4-wire devices.
  • There's also a nice schematic battery block.
  • The Schematic HOA has been modified to be way more accurate. Thanks for all the input. It is, however, still a little tiny schematic.
  • There are about two hundred new and bug-fixed commands.
  • Gore.lsp makes nice hat patterns if your tastes run more to sewing than electrical design.