Why use RocketCad?

  1. It's easy to use and does what you want. It has somewhere over 1000 commands and hundreds of blocks, also several freestanding utilities.
  2. Rocket is very easy to use - you don't have to know all the commands. You can use Rocket for years just with the pulldown and slide menus.
  3. It comes with an excellent manual which - unlike other manuals - tells you what to do when things go wrong.
  4. Rocket is open-source - if you need to edit the menu, any programming, or any drawing file, you can. (You don't ever have to.)
  5. Rocket doesn't expect you to do things its way - it's just a program. It's made to be easy to customize, although it works very nicely without any special setup.
  6. It's bulletproof - it's been used by a lot of people for a long time and it's hard to break.
  7. RocketCad does not use hardware locks. We are not selling hardware, and we don't want to add anything to the program which makes it less likely to work.
  8. It can work alongside other packages - it doesn't take over your Autocad system.
  9. Rocket works on drawings done with other packages. You won't always (or often) be doing drawings from scratch, and Rocket has lots of utilities for this type of work.
  10. If you use it at work you can take a copy home.
  11. You can use it free if you're a student.
  12. You can download a full copy to evaluate it, because we trust you and know you'll love it.
  13. Rocket is very good at automating repetitive things.
  14. Rocket can transfer data between drawings and other programs, and it does this in a way that's simple, easy to understand, and very versatile. It'll save you a lot of time and frustration right from the start.